Vincentian Places 07 – Clichy

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In May 1612, with the support of Pierre de Bérulle, Vincent de Paul took up the position of Parish Priest of Clichy, a small town of some 600 people, just to the northwest of Paris. Though he spent only a little over a year in residence in this Parish, he remained the Parish Priest of Clichy officially until 1626. It was at Clichy that he first came in contact with the ordinary people of the countryside, and experienced their religious faith. From the Parish of Clichy, he moved to live with the de Gondi family in Paris, to tutor their sons, and act as chaplain to the family. Mme de Gondi (Marguerite de Silly) became an important figure in Vincent’s life, and later was instrumental in causing him to set up the Congregation of the Mission.

Clichy itself has become a suburb of Paris. A remnant of the parish Church of Vincent’s time now forms a part of the present day Church at Clichy; the apse of the old Church joins the left aisle of the modern Church. The Clichy Church can be reached conveniently using the Paris Metro.

Points of Interest

From the article Vincentian Paris by Fr. John Rybolt, CM

Old church

New church

Source: VincentWiki

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