Majesty that Jesus Brings forth

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Jesus has gone up to heaven and now sits at the right hand of the Majesty on high as Lord.  He wants us to be as fully human and whole as he is. 

On the Lord’s going up to heaven, we read that “to go up” means “to go down.” This matches another text that says Jesus now wears the crown of glory and honor since he suffered and died. Yes, majesty is his, for he tasted shame and humiliation first. In other words, since he is lowly, God lifts him up; the cross is his glory; human to the utmost, he is divine (Piet Schoonenberg).

It is clear, then, that the majesty that he brings forth as he lives what he preaches is new. Such majesty, being great, calls for lowliness, being small.

Hence, for us Christians to clothe ourselves with glory and majesty means to be lowly and small. We are not to lord over others or, much less, to oppress them. and give up our bodies and shed our blood for them. We must not seek that they spend and be spent while they serve us.

In other words, to go up with the Lord Jesus, we should go down with Jesus of Nazareth, the servant. And we shall go with him so that we also may live with the poor folks of the earth. And bring them, too, the Good News, in so many ways, by words and by works (SV.EN XII:77-78). We, then, cannot just stand there to look at the sky or, worse, to brag that we are better than others.

And those to whom we preach will believe the Good News if they see that we live it. That is to say, if they see the signs, the works of “compassion and inclusion” that Jesus does through us. And a sign or work is of great worth, though it may be no more than to do the dishes.

Lord Jesus, as you go up to heaven you make known a new majesty; make us share in it as we preach the Good News.

12 May 2024
Ascension of the Lord (B)
Acts 1, 1-11; Eph 1, 17-23; Mk 16, 15-20


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