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Vincent de Paul’s early education was from a relative, Stephen de Paul, who was in charge of the Hospital-Priory of Poymartet, not far from Pouy. It was with Stephen de Paul that he began to study Latin, as a basis for his further education. Around the age of twelve, Vincent went to Dax, a town in the south of France.

Vincent’s father sent him to Dax for secondary studies to be able to secure an ecclesiastical benefice, as his uncle had. While there, he came to the attention of Monsieur de Comet, a lawyer who lived in Dax and was the district Justice of Pouy. He inspired in Vincent the idea of the priesthood. Vincent later stated that at that time he understood neither the greatness of this ministry nor its responsibilities.

M de Comet eventually took Vincent into his own home and entrusted him with the education of his two sons, while leaving him time to pursue his own studies. Vincent probably studied at Dax for only two years, then moved to Toulouse to begin his studies in Theology.

The name ‘Dax’ is derived from the the Latin ‘de aquis’ meaning ‘from the waters’. Remnants of Roman Baths and aqeducts can still be seen in what is now a city. At Dax, Vincent lived in a boarding house which was kept by the Friars Minor to provide lodging for the children of the surrounding district. Adjacent to this lodging was the College which Vincent attended.

Source: VincentWiki

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