A .famvin Triduum

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Announcements, News

The Easter Triduum is important. It is the center of every Christian’s faith and life. Charity, which is “inventive to infinity,” also needs its time to find its center.

The website famvin.org will not publish any new content until Easter Monday … unless some situation demands the publication of some specific urgent information. We at famvin, like you, will spend these days feeding our souls in prayer, celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and participating in the various liturgical celebrations. We will pray to the Lord, the One who overcame death, so that we, the people of God, will also overcome the situations of hunger, disease, war and injustice that plague our world.

Let us live this exceptional time with the hope of the Risen One!!

“And isn’t that the story of many of us believers today: living with two imaginations, as it were, both of them operating at the same time. Living somewhere in that disorienting juncture between the already and the not yet, living in the border land between the secular and the sacred where different imaginations run up against each other and roil our waters.” (Thomas F. McKenna, C.M.)



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