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A .famvin Triduum

Triduum is important. It’s the center of the Church year and marks the center of our Vincentian lives too. Creativity needs time to re-center itself as well.

Now on Social: Busted Halo for Triduum Catholic Christian belief is that all God’s children are “saints in the making.” Everyone is called to aspire toward the holiness and selflessness of a Mother Teresa or Saint Francis. At the...

Easter Triduum: Video Reflection for Vincentians

Our Lenten journey culminates in the three days that make up the Easter Triduum. These three days draw us into the mystery of our salvation. Take a few minutes to reflect upon this, by watching this new YouTube video for Vincentians.

Fr. Griffin – The Triduum – What’s the rush?

Pat Griffin – “I’ve learned to stop rushing things that need time to grow.”

Walking through the Triduum

Busted Halo  offers a guide to the three-day celebration of the Church "Walking Through the Triduum" "The Triduum is somewhat like a three-day prayer marathon, and if you are a novice there may be some rituals that are unfamiliar to you. This guide will help you walk...

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