Go around Towns and Villages as God Wants

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Jesus has come so he may go around towns and villages and preach by words and by works, and as the Father shows him in prayer, the Good News. 

Before he makes up his mind to go around all of Galilee, Jesus goes off alone to a forlorn place to pray.  He does so before dawn and while his disciples seem to be still sleeping.

And this goes to show that his reverence for the Father cannot but lead him to love the neighbor.  Such reverence and love make him stand out (SV.EN VI:413).

Yes, Jesus’ true disciples go with him from the synagogue to the houses of those in need.  There, they go near those in need, that is to say, they see their faces up close and share their pain.  Then, they take their hands.  They thus touch them; they show no worry at all that they themselves become ritually unclean.  For their only worry is to help those in need to find hope and healing.  Finally, they help them to get up and feel whole and fittingly human once more.

No, it is not enough for us to stay safe and sound in our places of worship.  Rather, we have to go around and look for those who need help.  For those who lose hope and find life to be no more than drudgery.  We have to be out on the streets and risk getting bruised, hurt and dirty (EG 49).  For we cannot but get sick when we lock ourselves up in our places of worship and cling to our security.

But we have to find out what God wants us to do in concrete.  And there is no way to know it if we do not call on him and pray to him.  That is to say, to love others, as Jesus, we have to be in awe of the Father and prayerful, as Jesus.

Lord Jesus, with the Father you are at all times at work in the world; make all things new by your Spirit.  Let the same Spirit drive us to go around towns and villages to preach the Good News of the kingdom.  To the point, too, if need be, of giving up our bodies and shedding our blood.  For woe to us indeed, if we do not preach your Good News.

4 February 2024
5th Sunday in O.T. (B)
Job 7, 1-4. 6-7; 1 Cor 9, 16-19. 22-23; Mk 1, 29-39

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