Homes in the Kingdom of Heaven

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Jesus is like us in all things but sin.  He is not a stranger to the joys, sorrows, light and glory that our homes know.

They say that tough times bring out the best and the worst in us and, of course, in our homes.  In the face of crises and uncertainties, some folks or homes close themselves off from others out of fear.  They may like to shield themselves from them or shield what they have stored for when goods get scarce.

Other folks or homes though, rather than stay closed, open themselves to others.  They see that other folks or homes are all in it together (see Freund).  That is to say, it is clear to them that it is crucial that all folks and homes work together and share, too, their few goods.  They know that to get through crises and uncertainties with success, all should work together and share what they have.

And Jesus does not want us or our homes to look out just for our own security and interests.  For called fool is the wealthy man who closes himself off from others and says to himself:  “You have a store of goods that will last many years. So, rest, eat, drink and be merry.”

Homes that seek first the kingdom of God and his justice.

Jesus, on the other hand, praises the poor widow.  She has put into the treasury of the temple just two coins of little worth.  Yet she has given all she has to live on.  She, like Simeon and Anna, is of Group of Yahweh’s Poor.”

And Jesus wants us and our homes to be like them.  That is to say, he wants us to be poor like those folks who have but faith in God.

Far from their minds are worries about their fate and well-being.  In God alone they hope.  They believe firmly, too, that he will console, free them and give them glory.  It is their belief, besides, that he will bring light to nations.

And they are of simple and naive faith.  Little wonder, then, it shows up in what seems to be silly and mindless prayers.  Still and all, it is alive and wakes up above all when times are tough.  And it makes them keep the true religion with hope and patience (SV.EN XII:142).

This is the genuine religion of the poor and kind folks.  And they hunger and thirst for justice.  Hence, they work to bring it about.  To the point of giving their lives for it and giving up their bodies and shedding their blood.  They bear on their foreheads the sign of contradiction.  Such sign challenges all folks and homes to seek first the kingdom of God and his justice.

Lord Jesus, grant us and our homes to be of the kingdom of heaven.  We will thus know true bliss and fellowship in the midst of the sorrows of life, and the best in us will come out.

31 December 2023
Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (B)
Sir 3, 2-6. 12-14; Col 3, 12-21; Lk 2, 22-40

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