Go and See the Child Lying in the Manger

by | Dec 24, 2023 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus is little and poor.  We are to go and see and live his being little and poor, so that we may be clean and free of pride and greed that spell ruin. 

As the shepherds get the good news about the Savior’s birth, great fear takes hold of them. For a great and awesome light shines around them and they also see a vast army from heaven. Yet to Bethlehem they want to go and see what an angel tells them has taken place.

They go in a hurry and find Mary and Joseph and the baby lying in a manger. They soon spread the word they have received about him. And all who hear it are amazed at what the shepherds say to them. But Mary keeps all these things and ponders them in her heart. 

To keep and ponder as Mary is what Jesus asks of us who say we are his disciples. But, of course, we have to go and see first just as the shepherds many avoid and deem unclean.

And we are to hurry to be near the manger where the Messiah lies. So then, we shall know him up close and receive him.

Also, we will spread the word, too, and will listen to others. In that way, while we announce the Good News to others, we will also let them announce it to us. The spirit of synodality, then, will be ours.

And we will gather around the manger, with many other poor folks. Then, we will ask the one who is seemingly nothing as a baby: “Take us with you into your lowly state” (SV.EN VI:170).  And we will ask, besides, as we linger there, to teach us to be the least and the slaves of all. To the point of giving up our bodies and shedding our blood for those we serve. We shall thus mirror the one who, lying in the manger, offers himself as food and drink that gives life.

Lord Jesus, grant that the shepherds’ “Go and see” be ours also. Help us to grasp that we will have justice, peace and life, only if we get rid of our pride and our greed that lead to death and ruin. And be to us God’s kind and generous love.  

25 December 2023 
Nativity of the Lord 
Midnight:  Is 9, 1-6; Tit 2, 11-14; Lk 2, 1-14 * Dawn:  Is 62, 11-12; Tit 3, 4-7; Lk 2, 15-20 * Day: Is 52, 7-10; Heb 1, 1-6; Jn 1, 1-18