When God Gave You Children With Special Needs (Bhakti Luhur Foundation, Indonesia)

by | Aug 6, 2023 | Other Branch News

The Compassionate Bhakti Luhur Foundation

Bhakti Luhur is a social foundation that pays special attention to people with disabilities who are poor, neglected and marginalized. Officially the Bhakti Luhur Foundation was established in 1959 in Madiun, and in 1975 the Bhakti Luhur Center was moved to Malang.

Perkasih is part of the Bhakti Luhur Foundation, which is a community of people with various professions who volunteer to support various Bhakti Luhur and ALMA activities. Currently we are home to more than 5,000 children with special needs, the poor and the elderly with more than 72 guest houses spread throughout Indonesia and Timor Leste.

There are many branches of the Vincentian Family working in Indonesia. Two of these are the ALMA congregations – the Sisters of the Association of Lay Missionary Action and the Alma Putera. The founder was Fr. Paul Janssen, CM, and CM is the spiritual director for the Sisters, the campus, and the orphanage for special needs children. The ALMA Sisters and Brothers have more than 400 members in Indonesia.

The main pillars of the Bhakti Luhur service are the ALMA, those who commit themselves for life to carry out the Work and Service of Love at Bhakti Luhur. ALMA has a VISION: Reaching the Unreachable, and MISSION: Search, Build, Treat.

Source: Yakobis TV, Vincentian Family of Indonesia