Systemic Change Commission Advent Reflection, Charity and Justice

by | Dec 4, 2022 | Formation, Reflections

Charity and Justice

View Week 1: Vincentian Spirituality 
View Introduction Video Here

In preparation for Christmas the Systemic Change Commission invites you to a weekly offering of Advent Reflections on the following topics: Vincentian Spirituality; Charity and Justice; Catholic Social Teaching; & Collaboration for Social Impact. The retreat will consist of weekly reflections starting with an introduction session outlining the topics for the following four weeks. All sessions will be posted weekly to FAMVIN beginning on the last Sunday of Ordinary Time. The format will enable groups and individual members to attend the retreat based on availability. We earnestly hope you will take the time to experience this Systemic Change inspired Advent Retreat. We believe this will aid spiritual growth and revitalize and urge us to make a more fruitful commitment to service.


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