Superioress General of the Daughters of Charity welcomed in the Province of Slovakia

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On Thursday, May 12, 2022 Sister Françoise Petit, Superioress General of the Company of the Daughters of Charity came to Slovakia to start her visit to the Province of the Daughters of Charity there. Sr. Hanna Cybula, D.C., General Councillor responsible for Slavic provinces accompanies her. First the visitors arrived to the Schwechat airport in Vienna, Austria where Sr. Damiana, the Visitatrix and Provincial Director, Fr. Jozef Mrocek, C.M. and Sr. Klára, the translator welcomed them. Next they moved to Bratislava which is only 45 minutes drive from the airport and visited the Daughters of Charity community there. They had a lunch and sharing with the sisters of the community there. In the video presentation the guests were able to learn about their current ministry and activities.

at Vienna airport

welcome at the house in Bratislava

Sisters community of the house in Bratislava

Later in the afternoon they visited another community of sisters in the town of Malacky, about 30 kilometers north of Bratislava. After meeting with the sisters who work there they continued their journey to Nitra. It is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia, in the western part of the country, about 80 kilometers west of Bratislava. The city with about 75,000 inhabitants is the fifth most populous city in Slovakia. The Provincial House is located here. All the sisters awaited the arrival of the guests, who were welcomed on behalf of the community by Sister Angelika with bread and salt, an old Slavic and Slovakian custom. In her welcome she expressed her joy at their arrival and asked them to feel at home. Sister Françoise thanked them for their welcome and with everyone headed to the house chapel to welcome the Lord of the House…

After unpacking, the whole community gathered in the refectory for dinner. Waiting on the spot were other guests, Sisters from two Polish Provinces.

with the sisters from the community in Malacky

Sr. Angelika welcomes visitors in the Provincial House in Nitra

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