The Society of St. Vincent de Paul signs an “Appeal for Peace in Ukraine”

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The International Council General of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has signed, together with other NGO partners in Geneva, a Declaration at the 49th session of the Human Rights Council. Read the statement below:

Appeal for Peace in Ukraine

Madam High Commissioner, I speak on behalf of 20 NGOs to express our extreme dismay at the military action that is currently unfolding in Ukraine. We would like to echo your appeal of February 24 that urges an immediate halt to hostilities that puts countless civilian lives at risk.

We bring into this room the voice of the defenseless victims of conflicts, whose human rights are being violated.

We would like to recall the 2016 Declaration on the Right to Peace that affirms “Everyone has the right to enjoy peace such that all human rights are promoted and protected and development is fully realized.”

We believe that a process of disarmament is needed in order to guarantee peace. All countries involved in the security architecture of Europe must commit to the reduction of strategic and non-strategic nuclear weapons stored in the continent. Moreover, the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons should be signed and implemented by all States.

We appeal to the UN, the international community, all parties to strive for an end to the fighting in Ukraine by enforcing international law and finding a solution to the conflict based on the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes.

“War is a “scourge”… It is an adventure without return that compromises humanity’s present and threatens its future… War is always a defeat for humanity”

No one has the right to make a war, yet we all have the duty to build peace.

Thank You!

Download the full appeal by clicking here..


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  1. Madeline Kavanagh, DC

    Peace is a gift given to those of us willing to work for it. May the Spirit grant us the wisdom to know how and the courage to respond.