A Daughter of Charity Speaks About the Ukrainian Conflict

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We share a video from Sister Petra, DC, who is ministering on the Ukrainian border with Slovakia.

Transcript of the video is found below:


Greetings everyone.

My name is Sister Petra … I am a Daughter of Charity.

At the present time, other Sisters and myself are on the Slovakian-Ukrainian border, assisting people who are fleeing their country because of the war. Our assistance consists providing the refugees with food, clothing and medicine. We are ministering in this area because many mothers (with their children) are crossing the border. Their husbands have remained in Ukraine where they are defending the homeland. It is heart-wrenching to see these women cry: they are sad and they speak about the horrors of the war. Many of these people come from areas that have been heavily bombed: Jákrov and Kiev. They are also sad because their future is quite uncertain. Many have no idea where they are going to live. Therefore, the whole Vincentian Family has united in helping them find lodging.

The people of Slovakia have expressed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We have many material resources but we ask that you send your contributions to the account of the Sisters so that we buy the people what they need.

Thank you for your prayers and your help.


Sister Petra, DC

Source: https://covideamve.org/

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  1. Teresa Cronkhite

    Where do we send funds? She mentions “The account of the sisters” but no address

  2. Mary Zahaczewski

    where do we send funds to help the sisters efforts for the people of ukraine?