Invitation to pray for peace on Ash Wednesday

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Fr. Tomaž Mavrič invites the International Vincentian Family to join with Pope Francis and all people of good will in prayer for peace in the Ukraine on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

The prayer will be available from 9 a.m. Kiev time. Each person will be able to choose the time they wish to watch and pray it; however, we invite local or national groups to join in participating in the prayer at the same time, with the sense of community that has always characterized the followers of St. Vincent de Paul.

Vincentian Family YouTube Channel:

Please join us!

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Dear Vincentian Family, dear Movement, dear every single branch of the 162 branches present around the world:

This is a heartfelt invitation to join Pope Francis’ invitation to pray on the 2nd of March, on Ash Wednesday, at the beginning of Lent, for peace in the world, especially at this moment in Ukraine.

Pope Francis mentioned in his very touching letter that no weapons, no bombs, no heavy artillery, no other form of arms will bring peace to the world; but he is inviting us to fight with God’s arms. And those are prayer and fasting. And God’s arms will certainly have the last word.

I would like to invite all the members of the Vincentian Family around the world, in every single country of the 162 countries where we are present at this moment, to join Pope Francis’ prayer, Pope Francis’ invitation to pray for peace. We will send the invitation through the international leaders, to the national leaders and then the national leaders will reach to every single corner of the world where members of the Vincentian Family are present.

What a powerful weapon, coming together millions of people with prayer and fasting, with God’s arms!

May this be also a sign of deep faith that no evil, but God, Jesus has the last word, the word of peace.

Thank you very much, and see you all on March 2, on Ash Wednesday.

Цей текст також доступний українською мовою
Запрошення до молитви за Мир в Попільну Середу

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  1. Regina Hlavac, DC

    Thank you. This is awesome, the fact that we will all be together as a Vincentian family in prayer for PEACE. God bless the people of Ukraine and give Putin a change of heart.

  2. S. Theresa Ahern, MSBT

    With a combination of sorrow and a sense of unity, I join my prayer for the people of Ukraine and the hope for world peace.

  3. Maureen Shaughnessy, SC

    With a sense of urgency and sorrow for the situation in Ukraine, we join in response to Pope Francis’ request to pray for peace – it is wonderful to think that we will be joined by our sisters and brothers of the Vincentian Family throughout the world in this tomorros.

    • Linda Knight

      Blessings upon our world and peace and love be with all countries. God be with the Ukrainian people

      • Linda Knight

        I will join Pope Francis request for prayer for the Ukrainian people this Ash Wednesday. May God’s blessings be with Ukraine and their people

        • Kate Taibbi

          Our group in Westfield Massachusetts will be praying today for our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine.

    • St. Joseph Catholic Church

      Have been praying the Rosary since this battle started….

  4. MaryAnn Dantuono

    I will join. Prayer is our strength and our hope to bring peace.

    • Barbara Sarnecky Lykosh

      I will join in I am Ukrainian!!
      And I am also a proud member of St Vincent de Paul!

  5. Margaret Herrera

    United in Prayer

  6. Leah Applegate

    I will join in prayer also for peace in this world especially in Ukraine at this time. God is our answer.

  7. Bob Wyshynski (Veshinsky)

    I will be praying for my Ukrainian brothers and sisters on Ash Wednesday, and everyday there after for their safety, peace, and freedom during these troubling times. My parents were married, and I was Baptized, and made my first Holy Communion at St. George’s Church on the lower east side of Manhattan. Long Live A FREE UKRAINE!

  8. Mike Peno

    Please Lord, we know that all things are possible through you. We ask for an end to conflict in Ukraine and the conversion of President Putin. In the Name of Jesus we pray.

  9. Janice M Moyer


  10. Linda Lou Parsons

    May God protect these wonderful people of Ukraine. Thank you for bringing us all together.

  11. Terry M

    May we, as Vincentians, come together in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. May God’s love and peace fill their hearts and comfort them.

  12. James Butler

    May God bless and protect the people of Ukraine.

  13. Bernard F Macke

    Our family is praying for peace in Ukraine. Dear Lord Jesus, change Putin’s heart and grant the people of Ukraine and all the world peace. We support Ukraine in pray and our actions.

    Bernie and Bev Macke, SVDP Vincentians

  14. Mary L. DeAngelis

    Yes, at he start of this Lenten season, let us together join prayers for our sisters and brothers throughout the world experiencing affliction and persecution..especially in the Ukraine..Lord, I offer prayers & fasting as I pick up my rosary beads each day under Our Mother Mary’s banner for everlasting world peace…Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us..Amen.

  15. clara scherr

    I join the community in prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine.

  16. Cathy McMillan

    Can the conferences give money to help Ukraine? How and where?

  17. Esther Tilton

    Yes, I will join the prayer to bring peace for Ukraine, hope that Russia will have humanity ..
    Our Lady of Peace, please pray for the people of Ukraine ..🙏🙏

  18. Patricia

    I will pray for peace throughout the world especially for Ukraine and Putin. May he have a change of heart. God hear our prayers.

  19. Rick Camp

    I will join with Pope Francis to defeat “the-evil-one”

  20. Teresa C

    In the name of Jesus we prayer for peace in Ukraine, oh Father. Holy Spirit bring your Wisdom to President Putin and surround him with your angels.

  21. Mary Jo Bichler

    I will pray for all in Ukraine on Ash Wednesday while at mass in AZ.

  22. Patricia Lopez

    Prayers For Ukraine my we have peace in the world. May we God Bless The World AMEN IN CHRIST OUR LORD AMEN

  23. Klara P. Vajda

    My conference in Andover, MA is waiting to hear, how to donate to To SVDP for the Ukraine victims of the uncalled for/unprovoked Russian invasion

  24. Theresa

    I will pray starting sh Wednesday and all of Lent for this war to end in Ukraine. God save the people and children in Ukraine.Open the hearts of the Russian government/people to end this war.