Clear and Expressed Preference for the Apostolate among the Poor

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

Special note: Last month, we mentioned that for the next several months, we will be reflecting on the Vincentian characteristics that guide our mission as Misevi. Our first reflection is from Marta, who has been part of Misevi Colombia and is a member of the International Team.

Clear and expressed preference for the apostolate among the poor, since their evangelization is the sign of the presence of the Kingdom of God on earth. Matthew. 11.5

We, the members of Misevi Colombia, are people of different ways of being, of thinking. Each one with their own story. Stories of emptiness, sins, weaknesses, joys, successes and so many situations that we acquire over the years.

On any given day, we receive that call from the Lord through Misevi, who also has a story. Misevi, a group of lay people who find in the Vincentian charism a new way of knowing Jesus; that Jesus who gets off the cross and walks through the streets; that Jesus wounded, scourged, full of pain, misery, badly dressed, hungry, thirsty; that poor Jesus, rejected. But also that Jesus who approaches and asks us to lend him our legs, our hands, our whole body, and begins to inhabit and act in us, and in this way we feel that every act of love and goodness is inspired by him. We feel that through Misevi we can train and work in community, that we are not alone. There is something special that makes us fall in love, that makes us organize and look for the spaces and time to dedicate to the different apostolates that He himself inspires in us. It gives the opportunity to fulfill the commandment of Love, which makes us reflect and realize that it is worth taking all those talents and placing them at the service of the Lord, with our brothers and sisters who are most in need.
The Vincentian Secular Missionaries of Colombia, in these almost 20 years of life, are privileged, having the grace to be called by the Lord to serve him as instruments. This is inspired in the charism devised by Saint Vincent de Paul to serve our brothers and sisters most in need just like Jesus did.

This is how we seek a significant change in our lives and in the people with whom we work.

That is why when we serve we feel happy and comfortable with the work done, of living in the mission with Jesus and with those we accompany.

As Saint Vincent said, “By serving the poor, you serve Jesus Christ.”