Solidarity extended to Lebanon: thank you!

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Disasters and Responses, News

AIC-Lebanon sends its warmest thanks to all those people who generously sent donations after the explosion that devastated Beirut on August 4th. The local volunteers are supporting 72 families in an underprivileged area of the city that was affected by the explosion. Thanks to the incredible solidarity, mutual aid and collaboration, the social center and dispensary were able to reopen their doors just one month after the explosion. The AIC’s work has resumed, including an afternoon activity for children.

The funds raised will allow AIC-Lebanon to buy computers to enable disadvantaged children to follow distance-learning courses, as well as to cover the school fees of children who would otherwise be excluded from school.

The international Vincentian Family also launched an appeal for donations to help the people who are supported by the different Famvin branches present in Beirut, which work closely together.


The Vincentian Family Launches an Appeal to Reach the #HeartofLebanon

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