Faces of God, of Jesus, of Those in Need

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus embodies the blessing that God pours out on us through the Holy Spirit.  His face shines on us, so that our faces may mirror his.

The faces of Mary and Joseph gleam since on them shines the face of Jesus.  He is the great eternal high priest (Heb 2, 17; 4, 14; 7, 24).  Hence, his blessing is what counts.

Yes, Joseph, Jesus’ foster father, and Mary, his biological mother, are highly blessed.  And Jesus is the Word who is God (Jn 1, 1).  So then, the title God-bearer, Mother of God, fits her.

But this blessing is not due so much that they are such parents as that they hear and do God’s word (Lk 8, 21). That is to say, the gleam on the faces of Joseph and Mary mirrors and proclaims the greatness of God.  For he looks kindly on his lowly servants who shake at his word.  Hence, he does great things for them.

So, Mary, Mother of God, like Joseph, points to Jesus.  That is why she sends the servers to Jesus, for he says to them, “Do, whatever he tells you.”  Her title, too, as Mother of God is less about her motherhood and more about Jesus as God and man.

Are we like her then?  Or do we point to to ourselves?  For like fools, we could say in our hearts, “I am the one who has done this good work” (SV.EN VII:116).

Are we simple and lowly as Mary and Joseph, which leads us, too, to meekness, zeal and sacrifice of self.  Do we, as the shepherds, also point to God, the one to praise?  For it is he who does what we see and hear that makes our faces gleam.  And do we send others to the one whom a woman gave birth to?  For through him God ransoms us and adopt us as his sons and daughters.

Lord Jesus, may our faces mirror your face.  We will thus truly bear your name.  And make us grasp that our faces will beam out your splendor if we give up ourselves to the end.  At the foot of the cross.  Just like your Mother who becomes the Mother of the lowly and crucified poor.  The Mother of the poor Church for the poor.  She puts her trust in Providence; she will have the peace and joy that no one can away from her.

1 January 2021
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Num 6, 22-27; Gal 4, 4-7; Lk 2, 16-21


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