Abode of Prayer and Hope for All

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus makes his abode among us.  He is the house of prayer and hope for all peoples.  And he fulfills God’s promise to David.

David plans to build a house that will be the Lord’s abode.  The Lord answers and reminds him of the great things that he has done for him.

But God swears, besides, to set up a dynasty for him.  That is to say, the house of the king will last forever.  For no one can outdo the Lord in goodness.

But in spite of such goodness, the king’s abode is not at all full of promise.  For upon it hangs the judgment, “The sword shall never depart from your house” (2 Sam 12, 10).

And it is the abode of division.  On this, it is enough to bring up Amnon, Tamar and Absalom (2 Sam 13; 15-17).  So, David’s house does not look good; a divided house will not stand (Mk 3, 25).

The perishable abode will become lasting.

But the perishable can become lasting by God’s power; he will be steadying presence.

Mary’s abode in Nazareth, a town in Galilee, does not seem to have much future either.  For some take it that nothing good comes out of Nazareth, nor a prophet from Galilee (Jn 1, 46; 7, 52).  Besides, Mary knows no man.

But God made barren Elizabeth conceive a son.  So, too, will he make a virgin give birth to a son.  She will name him Jesus.  The Lord God will give him the kingdom of his father David; his kingdom will have no end.  God’s promise to David will come true in full.

So, Mary will give birth to the God-Man.  That is why Jesus will be at once God’s and our abode.  For nothing is impossible for God.

There is nothing that God cannot do for us, as only he makes known to us.  He will raise the lowly and fill with good things those who are hungry.  He will help the weak, the divided, who are in the midst of a pandemic.  And the put off due to the worthless shepherds (Zech 11, 16-17).  But all trial will work for good for us (Rom 8,28).  And we shall conquer due to the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 8, 37), though all seems to be headed for disaster (CRCM II:2).  God will build the abode, or we will work in vain.

God will not spare his own Son, but will give him up for us (Rom 8, 31-32).  And so, there is nothing that God will not give us along with him.  He is the abode of hope.  And of prayer that enables us to do anything (SV.EN XI:76).

Lord Jesus, make your body be our food and your blood our drink.  So fed, we shall reach the eternal abode.

20 December 2020
Fourth Sunday of Advent (B)
2 Sam 7, 1-5. 8b-12. 14a-16; Rom 16, 25-27; Lk 1, 26-38