Lessons Learned During the Pandemic, #4: Leadership is Important!

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Formation, Reflections | 1 comment

Each week a member of the Vincentian Family will share a part of his/her experience during recent months. From the depths of their heart these writers will present a message of hope because we are convinced that there are positive lessons to be learned from this pandemic.

It’s good to take a step back and look at leadership during these times. How did our leaders respond? How effective were they at mitigating the crises in the beginning? How do they continue to respond? Are they responding with the well-being of all humans in mind?

Let me also clarify that when I say leadership I don’t just mean, for instance in the United States, the President. I am talking about a level-by-level examination: the President, State Governors, Local Supervisors, Church Pastors, School Superintendents, St. Vincent de Paul Society leaders, teachers, all the way down to your own circle of friends. How did they jump into action to help the most vulnerable? How do they continue to lead throughout this crisis, doing their best to help the greater good? In times of a pandemic, many actions (or inactions) have measurable consequences. No leader is perfect, however, their actions and reactions speak volumes and should be noted, good or bad.

Take the time to examine the leadership at each level throughout this pandemic and when election time rolls around again…VOTE!

A young lay Vincentian from the United States.

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  1. Paulinah Appiah Antwi

    The pandemic suddenly arrived from nowhere. Everybody was confused, including our leaders. However, the Botswana government decided to immediately put the country under lockdown for at least, six weeks. During this period, the government assisted those who were in need with food, and in some cases, shelter. The government then enforced the wearing of masks in public places.
    They closed our borders, to prevent the importation of spread of the virus.
    So far, Botswana, has registered only one death from Covid19.
    Vincentians in Botswana also worked hard during the pandemic to reach out to their masters. Those days, it wasn’t easy to move around, as members needed permit to go out. We still continue to assist those who are in need. To God be all the glory and honour.