The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Brazil) Creates a Service for People at Risk

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In addition to the on-going assistance that is provided to families in need, the members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Brazil confronted a new situation this week that required their attention. Given the fact that many people who are afflicted with the consequences of the coronavirus are vulnerable people (elderly, diabetics, people who suffer from hypertension and/or respiratory problems), young members of the Society decided to provide various services to these people, for example, paying bills, going to the supermarket or the pharmacy.

The creators of this project in Arcos are young men and women from the Conference of Saint Rafael and Saint Michael. They published an announcement of these services on the social networks … those persons interested in taking advantage of these services called them and the volunteers designated a member to fulfill each request. This service began on March 19th and these services have been requested numerous times.

For example, one of the members, Geovana da Silva Cunha (20 years old) bought painkillers for an elderly woman who was afraid to go out (fearing she might become infected with Covid-19.

The company where Geovana works is in quarantine and since she is in good health, she decided not to stay home with her arms folded. She stated: “this is an opportunity to help others”.

Another member, Thalia Souza (19 years old) explained that all those involved in the project take the appropriate measures to avoid contracting and transmitting the virus.

Thalia also stated that these young volunteers decided to take a small risk as they focused on the well-being of the larger community: “the chance of our being seriously affected by the disease is much less compared  with those who are at higher risk …  and so we decided to help.”

All that Thalia and her friends had learned as members of the Society was decisive in leading them to make a decision to provide assistance during this pandemic. The members stated: “If Frederic Ozanam were alive, he would be pleased to know that we are following his example, helping to preserve the life of our sisters and brothers.”

Source: Redacted by the Society in Brazil

Mentores do projeto em Arcos (MG)

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  1. Susan Viney

    Wonderful initiative. Thank God and Frederick for your faith and creativity in responding to the vital needs of your neighbours. may you stay safe and be blessed