A Roof for Tomorrow

In Pacoti, in the north-east of Brazil (the state of Ceará), the Daughters of Charity run the Maria Imaculada Institute where 380 children from very low-income families are taken in.

Charity Shower Project for Homeless in Brazil

Basic necessities such as access to a shower, hygiene products, clean clothes and health care were a luxury out of reach for the street population, before this project.

Popular Mission of the Vincentian Family in Brazil (2023)

More than 40 Missionaries, members of the worldwide Vincentian Family, participated in the mission in Piracema (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

From Formula One to the Vincentians and their Ministries

Being family and sharing with generosity our contacts and knowledge, more people benefit, more people know us, more resources are obtained and we will be much stronger before the world.

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