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Prayer is…

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Formation | 2 comments

A continual conversation with God Asking for God’s grace with perfect confidence Indispensable for my life Something that cannot be detached from my person, from what I think, say, and do Something with a transforming power A state of being A continuous relationship with Jesus A source of meaning Discovery of my life focus Discovery of my vocation Discovery of my mission Responses for questions in my life Something that originates in God Something with transforming power within me Something that continually makes “all things new” Transformative communication according to God’s nature An effortless, perceptible, very pleasant, gentle, loving communication of God A gift of meditation we should ask God for often and with great confidence Something God asks for, and God asks for nothing better Something we can ask of God with great confidence The place where I meet Jesus The place where I talk to Jesus The place where I listen to Jesus The place where I share with Jesus The place where I put questions to Jesus The place where I confidently put myself into Jesus’ hands Something all my thoughts, words, and actions can become Being in front of God Being with God Talking, listening, and sharing with God who is the “Love” of my life A relationship requiring my humility An opening of myself to God Giving God the right to pilot my life An emptying of myself so that God fills my heart God remaining and acting in my heart A desire for shame that empties me of myself; holy humility Not ourselves acting, but God acting in us, and all will go well Constant contact with Jesus, day and night, awake or asleep Something we can do every hour, or better, “without ceasing” A meditation so excellent that we can never make it too much All of my life All of my love A divine relationship A transformation of my hierarchy of values A transformation of my relationship to people, objects, places, and time Setting my priorities, different from those of the world I live in Living as I am only passing through this world Living as in a foreign country, passing our days on earth but being citizens of heaven Living in poverty, but enriching many Being totally destitute, but possessing an abundance of everything Finding glory in worldly dishonor Blessing those who abuse me Deferring to those who insult me Rejoicing in suffering A deep relationship with God, the Love of my life Asking Jesus to be my all and guide all my choices Knowing Jesus and “entering into His spirit”
Asking ourselves, How did Our Lord judge such or such a thing?
Asking ourselves, How did Our Lord act in such or such a circumstance?
Asking ourselves, What did Our Lord say and do regarding certain matters?
Adapting our whole way of acting in accord with Our Lord’s examples
Walking confidently along a royal road on which Jesus will be our leader and guide
Remembering Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away Blessing Our Lord by striving to think and judge as He did Blessing Our Lord by striving to do what He recommended by His words and examples Entering into Our Lord’s Spirit to adopt His ways of acting Doing good and doing it well, in imitation of Our Lord Carrying out the ministries of the Mission in the Spirit of Jesus Christ Carrying out my ministries with perfection, for the purpose, and in the way Jesus did them Following Jesus’ example of prayer with God the Father Going to a place of solitude where I can remain alone with God Taking time away from my regular duties to go into the “desert” to be alone with Jesus Finding my desert Going to the desert often Staying in the desert for as long as I can Deepening my intimate relationship with Jesus Our gift for each other from Lenten Letter of Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, C.M.
Prayer is



  1. Cathy Peterson

    Somehow, it is easy for me to forget that as I go about my daily activities.

  2. María Ángeles

    Sant Vincent, nous invite a prier sans cesse!. Elle est notre vie, pour bien faire ce que Dieu nous demande.

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