Participation of an AIC Representative in a Meeting of the Forum of Catholic-inspired NGOs in Rome

by | Nov 26, 2019 | International Association of Charities - Ladies of Charity, News

At the invitation of the Secretariat of the Forum of Catholic-inspired NGOs (Forum of Rome), Isabelle Chaperon, AIC representative at UNESCO and the CCIC (the International Catholic Centre of Cooperation with UNESCO, the platform of Catholic NGOs active within UNESCO), and Christine Roche, President of the CCIC, participated in a meeting on the topics that will be further discussed during the Assembly of the Forum in Rome (December 2019).

By selecting these topics, that is, human rights, education, family, development, youth and health, the Forum wishes to highlight the common concern of Catholic-inspired NGOs about working towards a more inclusive society. One concrete objective is to develop collaboration between the NGOs, as well as stronger links between NGOs, the Holy See and the relevant Dicasteries.

The active participation of Dr. Fermina Alvarez, representing the Vatican Secretary of State, as well as representatives from the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, the Congregation for Catholic Education and the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, gave witness to this concern for dialogue and cooperation.

During this visit, Christine Roche and Isabelle Chaperon were also received by Cardinal Versaldi in the presence of Bishop Zanni at the Congregation for Catholic Education, as well as at the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and at the Generalate of the La Salette Missionaries. These contacts will surely foster better communication and collaboration as well as increase the effectiveness of the work of Catholic NGOs at UNESCO and in other international bodies, such as the European Council.




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