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St. Vincent’s Vision of Priesthood

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Formation | 2 comments

In an article in Vincentiana, Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M. writes:

“Vincent joined […] leaders of the time in the reform of the clergy, becoming one of its principal proponents. As was often the case with him, his view of priesthood, while influenced by his teachers, was independent of theirs, especially as he envisioned priesthood in the Congregation he founded.”

Learn more in the SlideShare presentation below. Click on the right side of the slide to advance.

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  1. james e claffey

    Thank you for such a clear and compelling presentation on a timely topic. If the Church is to have the credibility necessary to promote Gospel values of charity and justice, compassion and community, its ministers– priests and bishops– must abolish clericalism and embrace the approach of St Vincent, which you so well illustrate here.

  2. Ogbu obinna Frednard

    Am eternaly proud of the missionary nature of the Congregation of the Mission fathers

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