To be a Vincentian is to Have a Purpose in Life

by | Aug 25, 2019 | Formation, Reflections, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Being Vincentian is much more than a volunteer: it is a vocation. It is a purpose in life. I can affirm that, for many people, it is what gives meaning and reasons to live. We believe that it is an option, but for many it is destiny.

In a world where anxiety, depression and vices have taken control, where people neither look at each other, nor embrace nor perceive each other, where a lot of information is generated every second, it is good to have a refuge and something that makes life more meaningful, such as helping others.

Families are crumbling and life has lost its meaning. To be called by God for such a noble cause, in which He exhorts us to bring dignity to other families as we seek our own sanctification, is more than a joy: it is a love that overflows, that nothing can explain.

In this chaotic world, I know this cause and this love that I feel; this flame that is in my heart, that makes me live every day, gives me strength to fight not only for the other, but for myself, that makes me feel special, gives me another family when mine is chaos, where I can meet God every day and have the grace to be blessed through the poor, our Masters and Lords.

I can say clearly that the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is not only an entity of human promotion, which has saved my life, and I can say that, although I lack everything, I will continue to be happy if I can be Vincentian.

Thank God for all he has done for me in this, his great work. Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Author: Amanda Dia Moreira
Coordinator of the Youth Commission of CM Belo Horizonte