Vincentian Family Coordinators Visit Botswana

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The Vincentian Family Coordinators, Br. Sylvester for the English Speaking African countries, and Fr. Flavio who is in charge of the French and Portuguese speaking African countries, and North American countries visited Botswana for four days.

They were welcomed by the Vicar General of the of the Diocese of Gaborone, Fr. Andrew. They explained their mission to the Vicar General. After that they visited SSVP Centre in Gaborone, where disadvantaged children are housed.

They traveled to the North on the second day to their visit  to the “Little Friends Centre” in Serowe. The Pre-School was founded by the conference president of St. Gabriel’s Parish, Sr. Ellen in order to care for the children whose parents were affected by the HIV pandemic.

The meeting in Serowe was well attended by conference members and members of the the Parish council, including the Parish Priest, Fr. Sylvester. The visitors had a tour of the school and then refreshment before returning to Gaborone

The third day the visitors met with the slum dwellers and gave each person food parcels. They were later taken to Naledi to visit some of the residents there.

After lunch, the Coordinators went to visit the other branch of the Vincentian Family in Botswana, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Metsemotlabe. They were welcomed by the Reverend Sisters. The Sister run:

  • a Hospice that was built by the Diocese of Gaborone
  • a Day Care Centre in Lobatse
  • the Home based Care program
  • a formation class for Cathechists in the Diocese of Gaborone.

After touring the Hospice, the Coordinators had a meeting with all the Vincentians in Botswana. They explained the objectives of the Vincentian Family to the members. The different branches also talked about their activities in Botswana. After the meeting,the Sisters and Divine Mercy conference gave us refreshments before leaving for Gaborone.

Fr. Flavio and Br. Sylvester left on Friday for Benin, in West Africa.

Yours in Christ service,
Paulinah Appiah Antwi

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  1. Nalini Meachariyil

    It was wonderful that Br. Sylvester and Fr. Flavio visited us in Botswana. We are privileged to be part of this great family, united we can reach out to many less privileged and those on the margins

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