Youth in the SSVP: a Future that is Already Present

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Formation, Reflections, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Among the main clichés, popular sayings or phrases of common sense heard or read in Brazil are: “The friend is for those things,” “The union is strength,” “It is better to prevent than cure” and the classic “Brazil is the country of soccer.” What stands out, in the Vincentian world, is the sentence: “Youth is the future of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.” I can not believe there is a Vincentian who never heard it.

The struggle for the youth movement, which last year celebrated 50 years in our country, brought the clamor of the young people who struggled to be heard and, consequently, tried to revolutionize, in some way, our esteemed Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, thus maintaining the bold and young spirit of our founders.

Given the current needs of our Society, youth can not limit themselves to exercising what, in theory, would be their responsibility. Recruitment, animation and the continuity of the charism are extremely important but, in order to have a protagonist and active youth, it is necessary that brave young people emerge to the point of assuming leadership positions in our Works, Particular, Central and Metropolitan Councils and — why not — at the national and international level.

Youth must face leadership in the Works and Councils as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our inmates, as well. To manage well is to be responsible for the money of the Poor.

Youth, the poor can not wait for the future to come!

Brother Lucas Rafael Oliveira de Vergilio
Youth Coordinator for Region IV – SSVP Brazil