A Grandmother Travelled to Kenya … to Work as a Volunteer

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Formation, Reflections

Several media outlets have informed on the journey of “the grandmother Irma” to Kenya, to work as a volunteer in an orphanage that she had supported economically over the years, and that was founded by a missionary from her region, near Venice (Italy).

The news, beautiful, is even more so because Irma is … 93 years old. Her granddaughter published this message on her facebook:

“This is my grandmother Irma, a 93-year-old girl who went to Kenya tonight, not to a tourist village with everything done, but to a town of children, to an orphanage. I show it to you because I think we should all always keep a little unconsciousness to live and not to survive… Look at her… but who stops her? I love her.”

“Mamy Irma,” as the Italian press has already baptized her, plans to be in Kenya for three weeks. But, according to her granddaughter, “Maybe she’ll stay in Kenya: everything is possible, knowing her great heart and her energy.”

Her example teaches us that there is no age to do good. That there are practically no limits when the will is firm and one can keep walking, even with the help of a cane.

To Vincentians, the example of “Mamy Irma” challenges us to continue giving our lives, no matter how old we are: there will always be something we can do. In our DNA there has to be availability for the mission, the necessary courage to continue helping the needy with audacity and availability.

A Vincentian does not retire: there is always something he can do, however small it may seem.