Towards the peripheries of life (1): El Pino Centre. Project Esperanza (Seville)

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Disasters and Responses, News

The road to the encounter with the foreigner begins in the south of Spain: to the outskirts of Seville, 5 hectares which receive an amalgam of hard histories but hopeful hearts. At the El Pino center they welcome underage immigrants to help them become part of the working world.


They sit before us and nervous but determined make us part of their stories, together we walk for a moment their road. We arrive at that September 15 where they stepped on the promised land, that 8 hours running through mountains, those 3 days adrift in a boat, in January.

Despite what may seem, there are no long faces, no tears, but smiles and a lot of desire to live.

We find that even if names and faces change, stories are repeated over and over again.

Back to the provincial house our thoughts are still with those terribly hard stories. We thought it was going to be an easy day, but we discovered right away that in these 15 days there will be nothing simple. We will find testimonies that tell us about the reality of the immigrant.

In the afternoon we were invited to be airports full of life, with continuous takeoffs, without fears to fly to the peripheries. An intense day, full of life and with much desire for what the Holy Spirit has in store for us for the next few days. It will not be easy, but we count on your prayer.

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