Things Ordinary, Yet Eye-Opening

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Formation, Reflections

In Jesus dwells bodily the fullness of God.  He is the fullest meaning of things, which he uncovers for us to see.

Being on top of things and aware of what is going on, Jesus tells the parable of the sower.  He turns the sower of people’s experience into a “Gospel sign.”  The Teacher, then, explains to some the fullest meaning of the parable.

Jesus is such a good teacher.  He teaches in a way that simple folks even, or better, above all, understands him.  He uses parables and images that he weaves from things or happenings in life.  But most of all, he uncovers for us the fullest meaning of what is happening.

And he is good at educating and forming.  His starting-point is the experience of people.  He, then, draws out its important meaning.  Besides, he uses it to form those to whom God grants the knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom.

That is because Jesus eagerly wants us to have life to the fullest.  And we shall have it if we live up to the fullest meaning of things he reveals.

So, just like Jesus, we who claim to be his followers have to stay on top of things.  And to be aware of our surroundings is important to us.

Really, nothing and no one is of little worth; all things are meaningful.  That is because they point to the fullest and deepest reality.  That is why, in prayerful and thoughtful moments, we give thanks not only for what is beautiful, great or holy.  We give thanks, too, for sorrow and sin, for they teach so much to us.

And Jesus is the key to understanding the fullest meaning of our experiences.  Walking with him, we will find God, as St. Ignatius did, in all things.  And if Jesus is our only “driving force,” our ordinary life will show us imperceptibly God’s plans for us.  That was the case with St. Vincent de Paul.

Things that happen to us and around us point, moreover, to the glory that God will unveil someday.  And pledge of that future glory is the holy Life-Together “that commits us to the poor” (CCC 1397]).  So, then, we show ourselves fruitful Christians if we no longer belittle anyone of the least of the brothers and sisters of Christ.

Lord, teach us to find you in all things.  May we see you above all in our brothers and sisters whom the world deems useless.

16 July 2017
15th Sunday in O.T. (A)
Is 55,10-11; Rom 8, 18-23; Mt 13, 1-23