creed of the poor

I believe in those who pray and struggle,
I trust in the eyes of those who weep and in the voice of the prophets,
I believe in those who are persecuted, humiliated and mistreated
I believe in those who have nowhere to lay their heads,
In mothers who stay in the cardboard houses,
In children playing between mud and pain
I believe in men who work from sunup to sunup
To win their daily bread with the sweat of their brows,
And to receive from the mighty an unjust wage.

I believe in those who ignore capitalism,
That close their eyes to the indecent proposals of materialism
And I also believe in those who refuse to live among consumerism.
I believe in those who do not use force, but build peace
In those who do not seek power but show justice.

I believe in the martyrs who denounce death,
I believe in the resurrection of those who die from hunger and misery,
I believe in a church that is of the poor, where the Gospel emanates
I believe in those faces that show me Christ in rags and servants.
I believe … I believe in the poor.


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