Dare I Say I Am Vincent? Some Good News!

by | May 6, 2017 | News

Had enough of bad news in the media? Looking for good news? For almost 18 months famvin has been running a series called #IamVincent. Ordinary people sharing stories about how they live out the Vincentian Charism and dare to say “I am Vincent.”

We are celebrating 400 years of amazing service. Our charism or gift is definitely alive and filled with stories. Each new generation discovers more facets of this spirit left to us by Vincent and Louise.

I recently had the occasion to follow the “tag” http://famvin.org/en/tag/iamvincent/. In the midst of so much ugly, angry and distorted news it was almost addictive to walk back over the 18 months of stories.

So many stories to read… and so many more yet to be told.

Do yourself a favor and feast on some inspirational news!

[Further details and background of the project]