Ladies of Charity Acting With Vincentian Hearts #IamVincent #AIC400

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Formation

The video “Ladies of Charity: Acting Against Poverty With a Vincentian Heart” was produced by Dr. Joan Ball from St. John’s University, a little over two years ago. This year, stay tuned for additional videos in celebration of the 400th anniversary!

For more, visit the AIC-USA 400th anniversary microsite.

Heart of Charity

Let’s pray that God will fill our hearts with the burning desire to serve Him; let’s give ourselves to Him to do with us whatever He pleases.” SV 11:62

Those are five or six effects of charity, and here’s another: to be the first to show respect to the other. Why? Because otherwise it seems that we’re avoiding one another, acting the gentleman or the nobleman, or being aloof. This closes a person’s heart, whereas the contrary opens and expands it.” SV 12:223

Having charity in our heart and words isn’t everything: it has to be put into action: then it’s perfect and becomes productive because it generates love in the hearts of those who practice it: it wins over everyone.” SV 12:223


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