Vincentian Marian Youth Thailand: Selfless, Committed and Always Ready to Serve!

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Disasters and Responses, News, Vincentian Marian Youth

For the past few days, Thailand has been experiencing flooding which has affected a lot of people. Because of the situation, families cannot go out from their houses making it difficult to get the basic needs for everyone. As Vincentians, with the conviction of serving the poor, the Vincentian Marian Youth of Thailand, headed by their National Sister Advisor, organized an outreach activity to help the families affected by the flood. Every day since the flood started, the VMY members have been on the streets, only going home at night time, just to help their neighbors in the province of Nakhom Si Thamamarat.

Provided with assistance by DISAC of Surat Thani and Social Service and Development of the Diocese of Surat Thani, they packed some goods that were distributed to the affected places. Starting in their own village Nikhom Phud Hong Liprosarium where most members of the VMY come from, they extended their help to all of Cha-uat Province which has the worst case where only the roofs remained visible. The helicopters were not able to give food because of the trees so the VMY members took it upon them to take a wooden boat “banca” to distribute the food. Some of them also had to walk in the water to give the cooked food to the stranded families.

Driven by the example of St. Vincent and his history and life, shared with them by their Sister Advisor, these young people are always ready to go and help. Their parents are aware of the commitment of their children to the organization and its charism, so some of them have also decided to join this apostolic work.



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