Sharing on Social: #famvin400 as a Resource

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Formation, Justice and Peace

Many people are sharing news of our Family happenings and hopes. But social media can be a quick way of sharing important resources.

sharing resources

Yesterday, I discovered a document just sitting around waiting to be downloaded. It’s a document for people concerned about welcoming the stranger in concrete ways, produced for the United States called, “How Can We Assist Immigrants and Refugees?”

It asks questions like:

  • What guidance can we provide to undocumented immigrants?
  • What guidance can we provide to refugees?
  • How can we be supportive of immigrants and refugees at this time?

This is the kind of resource that a Vincentian needs to really become active in welcoming the stranger in the coming anniversary year and beyond.

Is there a similar document or resource in the Philippines, in Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, India, Nigeria…?

Share it at .famvin on Facebook using the Visitor Post feature. Just post what you want to share. Our Facebook moderator will pick it up and move it to the main timeline so others may more readily see it. If it’s in a country with a primary language other than English, share it at famvinES or famvinFR or famvinItaliano or famvinPortuguês or famvinEurope.

And don’t forget to tag it #famvin400. If you tweet, join the conversation of Twitter!


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