A New Interprovincial Community in Ukraine

by | Nov 14, 2016 | News, Vincentian Family

On October 22, a new interprovincial community of Sisters Mary of the Miraculous Medallion in Ukraine was founded in T. Remeta (Perechyn district, Transcarpathia, in Ukraine). New community was created by sisters from the Slovenian and Croatian Provinces.  This is an occasion we wished, prayed for, and prepared for a long time. The Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission Fr. Tomaz Mavric CM, the new Superior of the Vice Province of St. Cyril and Methodius Fr . Jan Tchop CM, Provincial Superior of the Croatia sister Kai Lyubas, Provincial Superior of the Province of Slovenia sister Slavica Lesyak, guests and friends from Ukraine arrived to this solemn occasion. Mass was led by Bishop of Mukachevo Diocese His Eminence Anton Maynek OFM.


Bishop thanked and expressed his joy of establishing a community of sisters who want to help the poor and witness on the Gospel with life example. He emphasized on the words of John Paul II for sisters so that they were not afraid of difficulties: “Do not be afraid of difficulties. Do not be afraid to tackle difficult cases and solve them”.

Fr. Jan said during a sermon: “… is God’s providence, it is God who cares about people, it is God who decides, not a superior, whether a community will be established here. It is really God who cares about you. The sisters will work here and pray. This is an example of charity, so that you studied the acts of charity, piety from them. That is a way God wants to take care about you”.

Superior General Fr. Tomaz emphasized that Pope Francis in this year of Divine Mercy invites us first to feel God’s mercy in our lives, to feel the love of the merciful Father who is watching and waiting for us every day, and then to show our kindness to a neighbour. He is watching from a distance and waiting those, who will come nearer / come close to him.  This is for us to experience the merciful God in our lives. Recall how many examples of kindness you’ve seen? …

This day a house where the sisters Yozhitsa and Ivanchitsa will live was consecrated, they are full of inspiration and enthusiasm and are ready to take on the job.

Although it was raining in the morning, it did not affect the mood – it’s God’s blessing of good start.

In the evening, the guests had the opportunity to visit the Mount with the Way of the Cross, which was built by Mr. Stefan Valyo, a local businessman in 2001 (9-meter oak cross, 14 chapels-stations, the road around the whole mountain that connects all stations), now everyone has the opportunity to come and to pray. At the very top one can see the beauty of Perechyn and its environs. When it got dark – the shadow of the Cross though goes straight into the sky, to our Father, and a blessing of the Father comes back through the Cross of our Savior to us, his faithful children. It is difficult to describe in words … This Way of the Cross is an example that we should not be afraid to do good deeds, even if it is difficult, it is necessary to do them. God will always be with us and will help us in this.

May good God bless this new community.