Vincentians Living God’s Will – Live the Beatitudes

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Vincentians Living God’s Will – Vincentians Live the Beatitudes – Vincentians are Good, Unique and Beautiful

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast

Vincentians Living God’s Will

If we want to please our good God of Mercy, we should not look so much to what we want today, but to what He wants us to do. (St. Louise de Marillac)  We all know how difficult change is and many of us are uncomfortable.  We need to learn what the changes are and how we can use them to better serve and enhance our friends in need.  We need to pray to ask God to show us the way and teach us in the new ways of the Society.  If you are not getting emails on the changes to help all in poverty, perhaps you could go to and see the changes we need.  One of the most important is Strategic Planning.  I encourage you to check out famvin and Vinformation.  It really helps one live God’s will.  Five Criteria of Systemic Change Projects Long-range social impact: the project helps change the overall life-situation of those who benefit from it. Sustainability: the project helps create the social structures that are needed for a permanent change in the lives of the poor. Replicability: the project can be adapted to solve similar problems in other places, in a variety of circumstances. Scope: the project has spread beyond its initial context and has been used successfully in other settings. Innovation: the project has brought about significant social change by transforming traditional practice. You can learn more on vinformation.  I encourage you see and use the changes. Believe in the miracle and Mercy of God, He is with me always. Don’t expect only happiness in your life. There are going to be dark times, but remember the stars need darkness in order to shine! Have an amazing day. Blessings sent to you and your families.  We are all called to live His will and not just once in a while.  It is good to talk every day and find our His plan.

Vincentians  Live the Beatitudes

Beatitudes and all scripture cannot be just read each day they must be lived. We live the Beatitudes as a thank you to God and hope for those we serve. I cannot list all the beatitudes and my thoughts, but I will give you a few. First:  Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.  We are totally dependent on God.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within us and our service.  So we must journey inside ourselves to know God’s Kingdom and love.  We are so loved.  Our gift back to God is our love in service and giving ourselves and our love to all in need.  Surrender yourself and tell Him you are here to do His will. When we live this beatitude we are resting in the arms of God.  Look at yourself before bed and examine yourself both positive and negative – no anger, no gossip.  Share your love and walk with Him to feel His spirit and love.  Prayer: “I’m walking with you, show me your Spirit.  Am I poor in the Spirt?” Amen! Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.  When I teach new Vincentians I remind them we serve willingly and lovingly for God.  Please don’t feel so good about yourself.  It destroys the gift of mercy.  There is no doubt we will feel good and we must pray to our Lord in thanksgiving for His mercy and presence. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.  This can refer to us, for those we serve and those who contribute money and goods for us to serve.  I also include the Vincentians who work behind the scenes to keep things going.  Some people think this is money and fame.  I think it is exactly the opposite.  Our mercy for serving comes within our hearts and is a gift for God.  He will answer the prayers of the poor and our prayers for them.

Vincentians are Good, Unique and Beautiful

Do we believe it?  Believe it and share it to make our world a better place.  It really isn’t bragging.  It is sharing our wonderful gift of service – a gift from God.  The beatitudes are descriptive of our life and service.  I encourage you to read the Gospel of Matthew or Luke or Mark as a mini retreat.  Reflect on each beatitude and know they are the greatest gifts we can give to others, especially those we serve. The Beatitudes are descriptive rather than pro Scryptine. They are characteristics for us as a model for what our lives should be like.  In reflecting on the Beatitudes, we discover God’s dwelling and our dwelling.  Love of God and love of neighbor.  Our lives depend on God.  The Beatitudes are a personal link to each Vincentian.  I see it lived every day.  Believe how awesome you are.  We cannot merely read the Beatitudes they are meant for us to be totally dependent on God.  We love God, we love ourselves and we love our neighbor.  This is unique and beautiful just as Vincentians are.  In love with our neighbors in need we show them our love and joy which is given to us by God.  We are challenged to love one another as He loves us.  The best way to be a beatitude person is to be involved and you are and that is why you are good, unique and beautiful.

Blessings, Lynn


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