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In a month, the Vincentian Family will greet the Virgin with special affection in its invocation of “Miraculous.” Surely this month many reflections will be published online, on her history, present, etc.

But today we invite you to do something different: to tell tales, your story or that of your family, with the Miraculous Virgin. No reflections, but experiences. We are confident that there are many gestures of love and trust in the Virgin within our Vincentian Family. And sharing is another way of making family.

I begin; after my story, you have a form where you can write your own, to be published throughout the days preceding the feast of our mother, on November 27. You can do it in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian … no matter the language, we will try to translate it into the languages used in famvin.

Dare to participate! Sure many others want to know of “your” story, to learn to love more and to better follow the example of Mother Mary.

"O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

“O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

My mom always carries a medal of the Miraculous Virgin in her wallet. It is a medal not intended to wear around her neck, but in the wallet, as it is inserted into a plastic, which also has a paper where a prayer to the Virgin is written. The card was a gift of a daughter of Charity to my mother.

When mom takes out her wallet and finds this card, she takes it and tenderly kisses it.

I know that, besides giving a kiss to the Virgin and thanking her so many simple and good things happening in her daily life and in our family, my mom also is giving a kiss to her friend, a daughter of Charity that is far away, in Bolivia, working with the imprisoned poor of Cochabamba. Mom remembers and misses her friend, the daughter of Charity, who many years ago decided to go to work for the poor somewhere with bigger necessities. Many years have passed since she left, and she only returns to Spain for a few days every two years. Then, my mother is filled with joy to see, if only for two or three days, her old friend, and have the opportunity to stroll with her again and share confidences.

Thus, the medal is the symbol of a great friendship between two good women, the link that binds two hearts, separated by distance. Is not this also a miracle in our days?

Javier F. Chento
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