Accountable Brothers – Good Stewardship in CMM

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Brothers CMM, News

From October 9-21, 2016, the General Board of Brothers CMM organizes an international meeting with the motto: Accountable Brothers – Good Stewardship in CMM. The meeting is taking place in the CMM Retreat Centre ZIN in Vught (the Netherlands).



The participants are brothers in a managerial position, such as provincial and regional superiors, bursars, and project leaders from different countries. The goal of the meeting is to increase awareness about the financial situation and organization of the congregation; to help superiors, bursars and project leaders to increase their skills in financial management and project leadership; to share and learn more about the different CMM projects.


The meeting will take its inspiration in the concept of Stewardship in the Scriptures (in particular: Gen. 39, Mt 25, Lc 12 and 16) and in the vision of our founder Joannes Zwijsen that works of mercy require a very careful management. Our CMM Constitutions also offer a good reflection on the use of material goods in our mission (I, 122-147), in particular: Everyone accepts it as his task to work to the best of his ability in the service of his neighbor, near and far away… In making use of the goods of the community we are dependent on the community and acknowledge that we are accountable… As a person and as a community we acknowledge that it is our task to use the goods of this earth moderately, even where they are present in abundance (I, 134, 125, 133).


The program entails lectures, workshops, group discussions, individual tasks, visits, readings and reflections. It will start with a more general part about stewardship, leadership and management. The central part of the meeting will focus on financial management, budgeting and reporting, financial communication, transparency and fundraising. In a third part the participants will be offered a series of workshops in which they can work more practically on specific skills and tasks. External facilitators and experts will lead them through the different parts of the program.

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