What must be done – Framing the questions

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Formation, Systemic change


Seeds of future systemic changes….Father Gregory Gay, during his twelve years as Superior General, consistently invited us to think beyond what we were accustomed to, especially in terms of collaboration for systemic change. Here are the questions that he presented in his last address to the Congregation of the Mission as Superior General. (Watch the video by clicking here.)

The big question now is “What more must be done? The way that Vincent influenced change and maintained it was by framing the right questions.

It is now time to think about a bigger vision of what we are growing toward – what is going to be the fruit of our collaboration or as I prefer to say, our shared mission? Of the focus on systemic change? How will the Family continue to be visible and effective in the world?

How do we make the transition from our present reality of managing decline to one that allows our evangelization, service, spirituality, and values to flourish, grow, and endure?

What if we sponsored a symposium focusing on the next 100 years of the Vincentian Family? It could be comprised of the current leadership and past leaders who can bring wisdom to bear. We could invite contributions from other major figures in the Family and others outside the Family who see the big picture and are not afraid to articulate it.

What if we created a Global Vincentian “NGO” with national subsidiaries covering the areas of education, health, and social services? I hesitate to use the word NGO, because we often misunderstand what a truly Christian, Vincentian-based NGO could feasibly accomplish. Nonetheless, I have said it. Please try to transform your understanding from a truly Vincentian theological perspective.

A stretching exercise…

  • Do you have a bigger vision than the projects you are currently involved in?
  • How do you think the Vincentian Family could shape the future that is beyond the horizon now?