The Vincentian Family Office (VFO) shares with you and all our Branches, National Councils the experiences of our brothers and sisters in Eritrea during the year of Vincentian Collaboration and now our new commitment: to Welcome the Stranger. The main celebration took place on June 5 this year and was a graced experience for all in Eritrea and for all who share our Vincentian heritage and want to respond faithfully to the call of our founders.

We take this opportunity to reiterate our gratitude and invite all National Councils of the Vincentian Family to share with us the great blessings that we are living as a family, in each one of the places where the Lord and the Miraculous Medal have placed us.


Thanks be to the Almighty God for his endless goodness.

We are very grateful for the invitation sent by our superior general, Fr. Gregory Gay, who created this opportunity of getting together for unity and sharing too.

We have followed the guidelines initiated by our superior general with the theme “Together In Christ, we Vincentians make a difference.” W set up a program to treat with the some topics for June 5th, and we invited all the Vincentian Family members to attend this program some months ago in order to celebrate, connect and learn and finally to re-orient ourselves to better serve the poor.

The Family here in Eritrea is composed of the following:

  1. The Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians)
  2. The Daughters of Charity
  3. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  4. The Vincentian Marian Youth
  5. The members of St. Justin de Jacobis (not yet internationally recognized)
  6. The members of Blessed Ghebremicael (not yet internationally recognized)

This day, we celebrated in Asmara, the capital city — a Sunday — at Mary Immaculate Church with all the parishioners.

After the Holy Mass, we shared our common breakfast. Under the umbrella of the above theme, we treated two topics:

  • For the edification of our youth in Christ’s mission
    • The identity of Vincentian family
    • The current challenges of the youth (by Sister Sara Hagos DC)
  • For the edification of our youth in Christ’s mission
    • Human edification
    • The relation of Christ and the youth (by Fr. TesfasselasieGebremedhin CM)

The talks that were delivered by both were very interesting for they touched the current issues with relation to our identity and mission. This was also a good opportunity for the youngsters to interact the today’s challenges and they received enough clarifications to cope with in their daily life. Each participant has enjoyed it with great enthusiasm. We really all have learned much and appreciated the presentations.
The core message of all the three programs (from Pentecost of 2015 to June 5, 2016 ) we focused on Vincentian identity and the  Vincentian journey; wherever we go to be engaged in the edification of people with this in mind: to be disposed to serve the poor.

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On our part, we have evaluated that it was very nice and motivational.
A wholehearted thanks from the steering committee of the Vincentian Family coordinators.

Fr. HaileTesfamariam (CM)
Sr. MeazaTekle (DC)
Mr. TeklehaymanotTesfazghy (Society of SV)
Kbrom Haile (Vincentian Marian Youth)

Asmara – Eritrea June 5, 2016

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