Devotion to St. Justin de Jacobis in Eritrea and Ethiopia

St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M. (feast day: July 30) faced and overcame many challenges and hardships. His humility, goodness, and charity inspired vocations to the priesthood and converted many others in 19th century Abyssinia.

News from Eritrea

The Vincentian Family Office (VFO) shares with you and all our Branches, National Councils the experiences of our brothers and sisters in Eritrea during the year of Vincentian Collaboration and now our new commitment: to Welcome the Stranger. The main celebration took...

“Music for the Mission” DC support Mission in Eritrea

Returning lay missionaries recorded a CD with the support of the Parish of the Sagrado Corazon de Grosseto. This is a musical CD that contains a song in which the children of Eritrea sing and alternate with the voices of the Missionaries and some other individuals.

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