Why We Need to Evaluate #IamVincent

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Formation, Poverty: Analysis and Responses

To say #IamVincent means we recognize the need to evaluate to improve our evangelization, service and formation of leaders. Vincent knew that we must always seek God’s will, and evaluate: do we stay or do we go?


Let’s give ourselves to God, Messieurs, to go throughout the world to carry His holy Gospel, and, wherever He may lead us, let’s stand by our post and observe our practices until it’s His good pleasure to withdraw us from it. (CCD Volume: 11, Letter: 170, Page: 365)

We don’t often think of ourselves as an International NGO, but in many ways we resemble one. Our motivations may stem from our faith, but we are not alone in that.

Consulting agency FSG studied the 50 largest U.S.-based International NGOs and others “to unlock insights for both INGO leaders and funders regarding greater effectiveness and impact in the future.” Their site provides an overview of the information gleaned from their data and analyses. The full report is available for download.

They tell us, “International NGOs (INGOs) stand at a critical juncture. Conversations with INGO leaders reveal that many are unprepared for the disruptive shifts on the horizon. Close donor relationships and high opportunity costs associated with pursuing innovations have created an INGO version of the innovator’s dilemma. How can INGOs capitalize on their distinct assets to stay ahead of the curve and meet the global challenges of tomorrow?”

FSG’s Kyle Peterson discusses the findings from the “Ahead of the Curve: Insights for the International NGO of the Future” report.