Now on Social: Electric! Young SSVP Ireland #IamVincent

by | May 24, 2016 | News, Social, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Electric Ireland has partnered with the SSVP to produce a fantastic video on the Young SSVP. Called #WhatDoYouSee, it’s Electric Ireland’s way of partnering with the community. You can view the video by clicking the #WhatDoYouSee link, or clicking the image above.

When we look at the social issues around us, it can be all too easy to do nothing. That’s why at Electric Ireland, we’re proud to support the work of the Young SVP, whose hard work is bringing real social justice to people throughout the country.

At Electric Ireland, our support of Young SVP is our way of ensuring our commitment to Smarter Living reaches even the most vulnerable in our society. By facilitating their work, we hope to empower the young people of Ireland to make a positive and lasting impact today. Support St. Vincent De Paul and their excellent work here.

Here’s where systemic change starts: partnerships that see (and judge, and act!). #VincentiansofWherever — they certainly are!