Brazil: a special charitable work exceptionally Vincentian

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Formation, Vincentian Family, Year of Vincentian Collaboration


In the city of Fortaleza, capital of Province of Ceara (northeast of Brazil), the Refuge Saint John Gabriel Perboyre, was founded in 1999, an organization that was created by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (DC). Sister Dijesu Campos Pinto is currently responsible for this work.

Today, the refuge has the support of several branches of the Vincentian Family: International Association of Charities (AIC), Congregation of the Mission (CM) and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP). As we can see, it is essentially one special charitable work with the collaboration of the Vincentian Family!

The refuge lodges poor sick people, especially children and adolescents that came from the interior of the country that are having medical treatments or waiting for a transplant.

The institution was created to help people who cannot afford to pay lodging in Fortaleza, nor have relatives in that city during the period of medical treatment. The institution has the capacity to accommodate up to 36 people, including their companions.

People housed at Refuge Saint John Gabriel Perboyre remain as long as necessary to achieve the medical treatments or transplants without any payment. The place offers accommodations, spiritual comfort, group meetings and six daily meals, in an atmosphere of affection and total fraternity.

This special work survives with donations and a few government contracts. Monthly expenditures requires a permanent position of a development director. Contacts: (+ 55 85) 985-297-691. E-mail: