Diversity Of Services To The Needy

by | Apr 15, 2016 | News, Vincentian Family

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On Saturday, February 27, Vincentian Family volunteers from Kiev came to rehabilitation center for women “Community in Dialog” in Odessa. The of the visit was to teach women undergoing rehabilitation how to paint authentic Ukrainian Easter eggs. It is also an art-therapy.  Handcrafting an artwork with creativity you become better yourself, your inner world transforms bringing back good, warm, bright life and healing old deep wounds. Moreover, it is another good example of putting in action collaboration between Vincentian Family branches. Sharing our talents in this way we fulfill our service to those who need it.

Our girls received a very warm welcome in the center. The workshop went on in a good and joyful atmosphere. The women made 27 painted eggs in one day, which is very good result. All these eggs and cookies prepared by volunteers from “God’s Gift” House in Kiev were sold during a charity Easter Fair in Kiev prior to Easter. All funds from the sale and donations will be spent on keeping up two “Community in Dialog” rehab centers for women and men. They will support a our partners from “Caritas Spes” charity project.

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