#IamVincent: SSVP London

by | Mar 10, 2016 | News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Who is SSVP London? Probably not too different from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in any location around the globe.

SSVP London is dedicated to serving the immediate needs of the poor in the London community. In 2015, we were able to provide over 7000 adults and 5000 children with meals, vouchers, and necessity items.

And, they are raising awareness as well — the first step to advocacy — and letting that small experience form their consciousness bit by bit about what it is like to sleep on the streets. Simple folks, like you and me, who caught the charism the way it touched Frederic Ozanam, “Because we are young, because we are not wealthy, we can more easily fill the role of mediators, which, as Christians, we should consider obligatory. That is the possible usefulness of our Society of St. Vincent de Paul.”

As we woke up to frost at 7:30 am, we were all looking for a little sunlight to warm ourselves. The Knights of Columbus from Holy Family Parish donated Bagged Breakfasts for our group. Big Thanks to them!

We then debriefed the night’s experience and how everyone stayed warm with the situation we had faced that night. Some were very cold due to a crack in the cardboard shelters they made and some were very cozy because they had small shelters and their body heat kept them warm, all in all a great experience.

Standing with the poor, acting for and with the poor. Each member could say #IamVincent or #IamFrederic.