Can you explain this systemic change?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Systemic change | 4 comments

If someone asked you, could you explain systemic change without a lot of words?

Here is a simple set of resources that go a long way.

Three quick slide shows where the pictures tell the story with a minimum of words.

A restaurant, a flat tire and a broken ankle – each illustrates what systemic change means.

(Of course, echoing St. Francis on using words if you must, try “More than a handout; a hand up.”)

Learn the key concepts of Systemic Change in an easy-to-follow, visual format. To begin, select a language (please note, these will not play on iPad or mobile devices that do not have Flash player):

As we enter into Lent and a time of conversion it is helpful to realize that to achieve Systemic Change we must see the world with a new perspective.

We tend to think in two dimensions. By introducing a third dimension– the environment as a whole– we can learn to see the world anew. This leads us to take into account the different systems related to the person we want to help.

Systemic thinking prevents us from unconsciously using the same mental models that are causing the problems we want to solve.




  1. Maria Teresa Bastidas

    I have not been able to see the information.
    You have used a not friendly way of doing it.

    Please give this information in a less difficult way. Remember we Vicentians are not

    We are in urgent need to work with systemic change. And need more information.

    • Aidan R. Rooney, C.M.

      I have just sent two emails with resources. I hope you find them useful.

  2. Fr. Pratap Chandra Misal, CM

    Dear Fr. John,
    Greetings from Fr. Pratap Misal, CM, North Indian Province.
    Although, you may not clearly remember me, I do remember you very well. I stayed in Providence Hospital in Wahsington D.C., and did my studies in CUA.
    Now, I would like to download the slides of systemic change from our famvin website. But I am not able to do so. Can you, kindly, send me the slides to my email, so that I can access them easily for our use here in the province for various groups.
    With love,
    Your brother in St.Vincent,
    Fr. Pratap.

    • John Freund, CM

      I certainly do remember you well. We are exploring ways around the Flash limitations.
      One possible avenue is to take screen shots of each slide. I hope to have some time over the weekend to do this and export it as a pdf.