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by | Feb 16, 2016 | Social, Social Media


Telegram is a free communication tool available for most electronic devices and platforms, including Android & Apple tablets and smartphones, and also PC, Mac and Linux desktop operating systems.

Thanks to this application, you can connect with people (regardless of location), coordinate groups of people, share documents… among many other options. Its popularity has increased dramatically since 2014, becoming a very interesting alternative to Whatsapp, with many features not found in the latter.

.famvin is already present in many social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. In .famvin, each language has its own social networks, which can be accessed from the top and/or bottom of each .famvin web page and within the hamburger menu.

From now on, .famvin will be also present on Telegram: open to all Vincentians; there we will share messages, pictures, notices…

Joining this group is easy: search, within Telegram, for the word famvin: the channel will appear, and you can join in.

You’re invited!


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