“The Present”: a short film that will make you think

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Formation, Reflections, Social Media

The internet is like a vast ocean that hides precious pearls. The video I am introducing to you now is undoubtedly one of them. It tells in less than five minutes a moving story that makes one think.

This short movie has received more than 50 awards in 180 film festivals. Its creator, Jacob Frey, is a character animation specialist from Germany. He made the film as part of his thesis for the Banden-Württemberg Film Academy, as he himself says on his website.

The film is based on a comic strip made by Brazilian illustrator Fabio Koala, which was published in Mentirinhas, a Brazilian website that shares this type of artwork. It tells the story of a boy who plays video games and, as his mother says, does not go out of the house very much. The boy receives a gift of a dog from his mother. At first, he does not show any interest in it. You can find out the rest of the story by watching the video.

If we reflect on this video from a Vincentian viewpoint, we will have much to say and comment about it. It is an invaluable material that can be used with the younger members of our Vincentian Family. Accompanying the poor, empowerment, systemic change, the pursuit of happiness, loneliness, collaboration are some of the themes that one can quickly discover hiding behind this simple and delightful story; the short film could also serve as an introduction to any of these themes at meetings with children and the youth, and —why not— with adults.

Watching the short film, I was reminded of an article I had read just several days before, which was written by a Daughter of Charity, María Milagros Canton. I highlight the following text, taken from this article that is worth recommending:

I do not know if I should dare to say that “only the poor can save the poor.” Maybe, because they are the ones who experience most God’s closeness. And for them, God is someone who does not abandon them.”Those who hold on to God do not fall.” Though they do not feel recognized by society, they sense that there is, in capital letters, SOMEONE who is with them. Hence, they experience God in what happens to them and around them. From their poverty, the poor offer the best of themselves, their very person. In their generosity, they neither count nor calculate. That is why it is important to accept what they give us; otherwise, they feel rejected, thinking that what they give is of no value.

Source: article “Presencia entre los pobres (Presence among the poor)” in Web Vicencianos (in Spanish).

I encourage you to discover the depth of this exciting video, and to take account of it in your action and community reflection.

Javier F. Chento

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